01 June, 2013

Giaourtlou @ Pangrati

Recently GH has changed job and finishes work much earlier than he used to. In his former workplace, he finished at 7 and came to town at 8, which can be dinner time. Now he is in town 5 o'clock and it is too early for dinner and too late for lunch. Because of this change, we go out to eat much less and when we do we tend to snack, like sandwich, souvlaki, or pies.

This is one of these occasions. Giaourlou in Pangrati, both the shop and the food.

I was attracted by the look of the place and we decided to snack. We judged the speciality should be the giaourtlou kebab for the obvious reason and here we went.

Fried potatoes were for hubby.

As fried potato specialists can tell just from the look of it, the potatoes were frozen, but at least served freshly fried and piping hot.

I ordered a grilled pita.

Not oily and pretty good, but maybe not very clean because I saw our waiter turning upside down on the grill.

And here is the Giaourtlou.

This is the most unusual giaourtlou kebab I have ever seen. In the deep dish was filled with a big quantity of yogurt, then a pita (which was soggy and not palatable; I recommend you to order the pita separately as I did. It is just 30 cents per a piece), another thin layer of yogurt, and on top of it there are 4 fat lamb kebabs with their fat.

The dish is quite large and even if you are a person of large appetite, you feel satisfied when you clean it up.

Usually the yogurt is poured on top of kebabs and I do not like it as the yogurt cool down the grilled meat, but dishing up in this way, the meat remain warm. Thumb up.

I prefer the mince to be more coarse, but they were nice kebabs nevertheless. Just mind that the smell of lamb is rather strong. It is only for lamb-eaters.

With a can of coca cola, the bill came to 11.70 Euro. If you add a Cucumber and Tomato Salad, it would be 3 Euro more.

Imittou 69, Pangrati, Athens, Greece
Tel. 210 701 5287

Υμηττού 69, Παγκράτι, Αθήνα


Anonymous said...

Ah yes ... when we first arrived in Athens we couldn't believe how late dinner was compared with the UK! We soon got used to it, however, and it was very nice to be able to stay out late without feeling that things were about to close (although not good for your husband now that he is hungry at five!). I still don't understand, however, why the buses stop at around ten when things are just getting lively at ten thirty!

mesogeia said...

Hi! Thank you for the comment.
Indeed it is very convenient that people can have decent meal anytime between 13:00 and, say, 2:00.

I am not sure about the bus thing. In Athens there are some lines that serve 24 hours a day, like 040 between Syntagma and Piraeus and you don't need to pay any supplement for night buses! In any case, Athens taxis are fairly cheap (even after arbitrary mark-up by rogue drivers) by European capital standard, so I would not complain.

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