12 June, 2013

Walking along Zisimopoulou Street @ Palaio Faliro

Today I had a chance to walk along Zisimopoulou Street in Palaio Faliro. In case you do know it, it is a long street spattered with tavernas.

I started from the intersection of Zisimopoulou and Agias Triados where I found a new large restaurant called Kebaptzidikon Kyr. Aristos.

Something reminded me of Kebabzidiko Barbadimos, but this is more spacious and looked a bit modern.

Walking toward the direction of Syggrou Avenue, I noticed the old Syrian restaurant Ghazi did a bit of face-lift, if not a total make over. Now it is called Sahara, but it keeps the old name, too; if you look very closely, you can read it under the current name.

I won't call it a renovation, but not it looks much less scary (you now what I mean if you know the old Ghazi).

Lemoni kai Rigani was under construction.

I believe it is part of a small chain.

The photo is awful, but this is a relatively new restaurant called Magikes Katsaroles (Magic Casseroles).

And it is already closed for summer and reopens in September (at least it is the idea).

I have totally ignored this restaurant called To Kοloraki until today.

There is no trace on WWW. How is this possible?

A nice fat cat relaxing in front of his house.

This is a fish restaurant called Bouillabaisse (ΜΠΟΥΓΙΑΜΠΕΣ).

I have been curious about this place, but I have never been to, because I read it was expensive (35-45 Euro per ahead only for food). It looked pretty nice with many tables. It has also a garden for those who prefer to eat outside (i.e. most of the Greeks).

This is another well known restaurant called Barba Lazaros.

This one looked also quite nice with a waiter dressed as a waiter. I read the menu at the entrance. The price is rather high, but not so high that I should give up from the start.

Taverna Arsenis appears much less nice in comparison to Barba Lazaros. It looks quite "xima". I did not know that these two belonged to two different categories, or rather, different classes.

It sells discount coupons on line almost permanently, so it is stupid to go without buying one. I do not understand the restaurants that do this trick. It is one thing to offer discount coupons from time to time for publicity or to fill some tables in low seasons But selling it all the time is tantamount to declare that they are over-charging patrons without coupons.

Alkyones' decor is of the same order of Arsenis.

As I do not read good reviews about the food at Alkyones, I do not think I am going, but if you are after a place with live Greek music, this is where you might be able to try.

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