17 May, 2013

Kalamaki Solon @ Piraeus

Visited Kalamaki Solon in one sunny Sunday afternoon. It is just below our flat, but we have never visited for one reason or another.

It is situated on Akti Themistkleous, near the big Cross. This place used to be a fish taverna called Solon, then it became a restaurant specializing in kalamaki (meat grilled on skewers). I do not remember the fish taverna Solon, which means that the transformation happened 3 or 4 years ago. The Kalamaki Solon as it was did not survive long and was taken over by Pantos Kairou (a taverna near Dimotiko Theatro of Piraeus), but still as a souvlaki restaurant. For this reason, the signage reads Kalamaki Solon Pandos Kairou now.

It is a small place with several tables outside and several tables inside. This below is the view from one of outdoor tables.

As a souvlaki place, the menu is kept simple: some starters, salad, grilled meat and souvlaki wraps. Before the take-over by Pandos Kairou, it did not have souvlaki in pita. In a residential area like Kallipoli and Hatzikyriakeio, people eat more souvlaki wraps than skewers only, so I believe it was an intelligent move.

Mixed salad cost 5 Euro. It included rather unpalatable hard parts from cabbage, but I should not complain too much about vegetables at a souvlaki shop.

Bread basket.

We were not charged for bread. Maybe because traditionally kalamakia (grilled meat on skewers) are accompanied by bread without supplementary charge.

I wasn't so hungry, so I ordered 1 kebab and 1 pork skewer. One cost 1.40 Euro and the other cost 1.50 Euro (I do not remember which was how much).

Kebab was not soft & spongy kind and was to my liking. The pork skewer, however, was even better: not over-cooked and with right amount of fat.

GH ordered pork souvlaki wrap, 2.20 Euro.

I did not try it, but he said he liked it.

With a bottle of beer, the total bill was 12.80 Euro, which is reasonable enough especially at a table in such a fine afternoon. So why not?

Kalamaki Solon Pandos Kairou
Καλαμάκι Σόλων Παντός Καιρού

Akti Themistokleous 284, Piraeus 185 39, Greece
Tel. 210 4512340

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