09 June, 2013

Lunch at Oinoberdemata @ Gazi

In a Sunday afternoon, we visited Oinoberdemata in Gkazi with 3 others (total 5 pax). It was our 4th visit, but was the first time to take people with us.

I placed a reservation, because I knew it could be quite busy in Sunday afternoons. It turned out to be a correct move, because it had a large reservation (20-30 people) for baptism party.

As I have already written about this place, here are just pics of the food we ate. They might not look much, but we left mostly stuffed.

To start, chick peas with leek. We had eaten this once already and knew that it was good. The others also agreed with us.

If you find chick peas here, try it.

Chicken Pie (Kotopita).

I do not like so much chicken pies in general, because they tend to be dry. But the others liked it, so it should be good.

Oinoberdemata salad and fried potatoes.

Known tastes for us. Both good.

Kolokythokeftedes (aka zucchini balls). Again I do not like zucchini balls and would never order on my own. They were ordered by a friend who likes kolokythokeftedes.

She said she did not like them maybe because the outer crust was burnt. I did not understand what was the difference with the other kolokythokeftedes, but I am not a good judge here.

Fried feta in phyllo pastry served with honey. Another dish I would never order on my own (wise readers should have guessed already that I do not like deep fried oily foods).

The others liked it.

Chicken with sesame seeds. I ate this for the second time.

It taste like Chinese dish and I like it, although it is slightly too salty.

Another main dish was chicken in ouzo, paprika, curry sauce.

It is not really a curry, but chicken breast morsels in curry flavoured sauce. I did not notice hint of ouzo (anise), but I do not like anise, so I did not mind.

Among us some liked better the sesame chicken and the others liked better curry chicken, but overall we were happy with both of them.

I am not sure why but at the end we were offered a small bottle of icy mastiha liqueur. Usually there is no freebie.

With a bit of coke and beer, the bill came to about 12 Euro per ahead. Even if we had ordered a couple of dishes more, it would have been within 15 Euro range. Pretty good value, isn't it?

Oinoberdemata - ΟΙΝΟΜΠΕΡΔΕΜΑΤΑ
Megalou Vasileiou 10 & Stratonikis
Gazi, Athens

Tel. 210 3411461-2

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