02 June, 2013

Moving Restaurants @ Peiraiki

Walking down Akti Themistokleous, I noticed Keftes kai Den Ftes, which used to be near Demotiko Theatro (Piraeus Municipal Theatre) moved to the location of former Tsiou (?), a very short-lived taverna. Now it is close to the cafeteria Pisina.

And the fish tavern, O Faros, which used to be at almost the end of Akti Themistokleous, is now next to En Lefko (not 100% sure of its name), where Marias Hatzikyriakou Street meets Akti Themistokleous.

Faros is now very close to our flat, but we are not very sure of going back, as the manager is so rude (he used to throw menus on our table, for example).

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