28 December, 2012

GouGou Meze @ Panepisthimio

A week before the Christmas, we found ourselves near Syntagma at around 9 o'clock.

Not wanting to cook at home, we decided to try out a new mezedopoleio near Panepisthimio. I think it was there since this summer.

It is called GouGou Meze. Glass-walled shop with colourful interior looks quite attractive.

Even it was a Wednesday, the place was almost full. We thought it was because of the time of the year (people getting together for Christmas and the End of the year), but a waiter said it was always busy. I do not know if I am to believe it.

The menu is pretty long. There are many mezedes and also about a dozen of main dishes.

As the main dish we wanted was exhausted, we ordered some mezedes only.

Instead of bread, we were given warm (probably freshly-baked) pita, together with many green olives. The pita was very good being partly soft and partly crispy.

The place was rather cold because of the glass walls. Not wanting cold salad, we had a serving of horta. Good.

Lemony Pork Tigania was not a good choice. It had a nice flavour, but the portion was small and the quality of meat wasn't satisfying containing some sinew. I suspect the meat was cut so small as to hide the poor quality.

Fried potatoes were fine. Tasted freshly cooked and not from freezer.

Bougiourdi turned up when we were about to finish the other dishes. It came in a big portion.

At the end of the meal we were offered these cakes and ypovryhio (Greek sugary paste-like sweet).

With a big jug of beer and all the above cost us about 26 Euro. But, as we were not given the receipt, it would be unfair to say it was cheap.

Gougou Meze
Sina 6, Kolonaki
Tel. 210 3645575

ΓκουΓκού Μεζέ
Σίνα 6, Κολωνάκι
(The nearest Metro station is Panepisthimio)

Tree decoration near Hilton Hotel was merry and cheerful without being ostentatious. I liked it.

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