25 December, 2012

Biftekopoleio @ Kallithea

Happy Christmas to you all! I guess you are eating all sorts of nice things and in big quantity. I am suffering from sugar-overload and, regrettably, the gym is closed until Thursday. Ooups

While on Christmas shopping expedition, we ended up in Kallithea and looked for somewhere to eat. I wanted to go to a politiko grill called Tamam, but on arrival I found that the owner had changed and it was now a normal grill.

In itself it might not be a bad thing, but seeing that it did not look fully open or closed (it was around 5 in the afternoon), we walked toward Davaki Square in search of something else.

Then we arrived here: Biftekopoleio, since 1960.

It is not a restaurant, but a grill with counter. They do delivery as well. And it is open only 10:00 to 17:00.

We decided to give it a go, as it looked quite busy and lively. The girls serving at the counter were very friendly.

As it is called Biftekishop, we ordered biftekia in pita (2 Euro a piece).

In the pita, there are only biftekia (beef/veal burgers), tomato and onion. Things were kept very simple like at Thanasis in Monastiraki, save that Thanasis does kebab.

The combination of fluffy pita and juicy biftekia was really good. Because the ingredients are minimum (no tzatziki, no potatoes), I felt like eating a biftekia sandwich. The quality of the meat might not be great seeing that I found a small piece of bone in the bifteki, but still the biftekia were great.

It is quite small and you shall have to eat at least two to get satisfied, but it is a sort of thing you shall crave for from time to time.

We ordered also one pork skewer in pita for 2 Euro.

To our disappointment, it was pretty mediocre. The meat did not say much.

If you order a portion (merida), instead of pita wrap, 4 biftekia, 2 pitas, grilled tomato and onion cost you 7.50 Euro. Tzatziki is 2.50 Euro and they do not seem to have fried potato at all (at least it is not on the menu).

Not a great meal place, but it is a perfect snacking spot.

Davaki 59, Kallithea
176 72, Athens
Tel. 210 9512929

Δαβάκη 59, Καλλιθέα

From 10:00 to 17:00

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