03 January, 2013

Mouzilo & Mezes @ Piraeus

Happy New Year, everyone! The year 2012 was pretty bad for Greece. Although nothing particularly bad happened to me or my family, the air was dark and depressing. I really wish 2013 is for the better, although so many difficulties are in front of us.

Husband and I had a pretty long vacation during this period, so we went to various places to eat, but not to anywhere noteworthy. In many cases it was snacking during the shopping trip. Nevertheless I will keep on taking note.

The below is one of these stoppings-by we made.


In Piraeus, new small mezedopoleia and tsipradika are springing up as mushrooms after the rain (does this expression makes sense in Greece?) Evidently many of them are cheap and good, so it is a welcome development.

Recently we tried one of them called Mouzilo kai Mezes which opened about a month ago (so I was told).

The shop is very small, but there is a larger space in the promenade in front. It was where we were seated. Waiter asked us if we wanted the stove turned on, but it was warm enough, so we declined. It was a nice gesture, when many restaurants and cafeterias keep the heater at the minimum to save money.

The menu is very short and prices are low. Most of the dishes are betweel 2.50 and 4.50 Euro.

We were surprised to find these small knife and folk. As if we were about to eat dessert or fruits.

The food were all meze size. Here are Dakos with Mitzithra (3.50 Euro) and Peppers Stuffed with Minced Meat (3.50 Euro). Both good.

The fried potatoes (2.50 Euro) and Pan-fried Chicken Gyros served with pita (4.50 Euro).

Again, both nicely cooked.

With half a litter of red wine, the total bill came to 17 Euro. The fiscal receipt was provided without being asked.

Because of the size of the dishes, if you want to feast on mountain of food, this is not an adequate place. On the other hand, if you are after a place to snack during the shopping in Piraeus centre, or to have a drink with some mezedes before going home, this tsipradiko seems to be a perfect choice.

Mouzilo & Mezes (Μουζίλο & Μεζές)
Kolokotroni 69
Tel. 210 4100040

I read the name "Μουζίλο & Μεζές", but it can actually be "Μουζήλο & Μεζές".

And come and see the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, fully renovated after I don't remember how many years!

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