22 December, 2012

Lolita's Mezedes @ Petralona

Petralona is becoming a new Gazi of Athens. Taking advantage of relatively low rent of the area, many entrepreneur-restaurateurs have opened/ are opening small tavernes and mezedopoleia targeting at younger generations.

One Sunday evening, we visited one of such meze restaraunts there: Lolita's Mezze Bar. "Mezze Bar", because it wants to be a tapas bar offering Greek small dishes.

THE strong point of the place is surely its cheeful decoration. Either you might like it or not, you cannot deny that it is quite original. Lots of colour and bald paintings. Don't forget to go to the toilets and admire the painted door of Gentlemen's room.

The menu is not very long, but there are also several dishes-of-the-day (there is a sample menu on their website, but the prices are not up-to-date as I see it now). You should be able to find something you would like to try. The food are Greek, but often with twist.

Bread - mixed basket of black and white - accompanied with cheesy spread was fine, but too little for 3 persons (0.80 Euro p.p.)

Pantzarosalata was beetroot salad with walnuts and pickled cabbage. There were also beet leaves at the bottom. Fine. 4.80 Euro.

Baby potatoes with rosemary were quite salty, but also tasty. It costs 2.80 Euro and comes in a very small tapas dish.

Squash-pies was one of the dishes of the day. Squash was mixed with white cheese and mint (this is common combination in Greece). Home-cooking taste. Surely over-priced for 6. Euro, as they are small (6-7 cm long each).

Biftekia yaourtlou were not much yoghurty. The biftekia (burgers) were fine except that they were a bit too charred making them too bitter. 8.50 Euro.

Chicken morsels with hot sauce served with cracked wheat. Marinated chicken was nicely sweet, but not hot. Cracked wheat was also well-seasoned and wasn't bland. 8.50 Euro.

At the end they offered us a round of shots of limoncello.

The service was quick and unobtrusive. Our waitress was sweet and pleasant-mannered.

The total bill with a bottle of coke came to 35 Euro.

Taste-wise, it was satisfying, but the price was not particularly cheap considering that we did not eat much and portion size is relatively small. For example, if you order biftekia at casual tavernes, you often get a plate almost of full meal for 8.50 Euro, while here it is just a big meze.

This is a right place to drink wine picking some dishes, but for full meal, I would prefer to go elsewhere.

Lolitas Mezze Bar
Δωριέων 26 Αθήνα 118 52, Ελλάδα
Tel. 211 4013574

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