04 December, 2012

American House Toast @ Piraeus

This is probably one of the oldest restaurants in Passalimani. GH the genuine Piraeot said so. As a fast food place, this might well be the oldest.

It was evidently inspired by American diner and fast food joint. I would not be surprised if it was aimed at the American military visitors.

I don't quite understand who is this American collage graduate, but she indeed is a "cult" icon.

Entering inside the place, you go to the counter to place the order, just as in MacDonald's or at Goody's. If it takes some time to cook, you just take a sheet and relax; a waiter will bring you the food. You pay at the counter and not to the waiter.

On the menu are burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, grilled meat, salad, all in junk food style.

GH ordered club sandwich.

It does not look appetizing, but GH said it was better than the club that he had eaten at Goody's the day before.

The waiter brings you also bottles of ketchup and mustard. Very good service.

I should have ordered burger, but did not want to eat meat. That was why I ended up ordering "Fish fillet". In the photo, it looked like fish & chips, but it wasn't exactly so.

The fish was obviously frozen pre-prepared breaded haddock. It was served with chips (frozen, but acceptable), lettuce salad, olives, and something white to the left.

I expected this to be tartar sauce, but, to my surprise, it turned out to be melitzanosalata.

This dish was served with bread (left upper corner in the photo) and GH ate it all smearing with melitzanosalata.

With 2 cans of Pepsi (there is not Coca Cola), the bill was about 15 Euro.

The food wasn't particularly attractive, but the place is a Cult. We did not regret to have visited it. We might go back to try the cheese burgers.

Defteras Merarchias 29
2ας Μεραρχίας 29
Piraeus, 18535
Tel. 210-4296276

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