21 October, 2012

Το 25αράκι @ Glyfada

Last Sunday, we found ourselves in Glyfada. GH said we should have a burger in Hard Rock Cafe, but, to our surprise, it was closed.

He said we can eat wherever I liked, so I decided to try To 25araki (read: ikosipedaraki) where I could claim 30% discount.

They have tables both outdoor and indoor. Usually GH prefers to eat outside, but it was so hot and shiny he agreed to go inside.

The indoor space is simple, clean and spacious. It was about half-full.

As soon as seated, we were given a bottle of mineral water, so it was an obligatory order. 2 Euro.

And after having placed our order, we got pieces of bread and dip.

1.50 Euro p.p. is expensive for price of bread, but we did not really mind, as they were really good.

The waiter dictated us some "dishes of the day" that were not on the menu. I don't quite like the way, because I cannot know how much they cost when I order (that is the point for them!). It is too risky in a restaurant where I have never been, so I ordered from the menu. Irritatingly, 2 of the 4 dishes we ordered were not available.

The food generally was rather expensive, except for some basic dishes. For salads, you should pay 9 to 10 Euro.

Here is Nisiotiki salata (island salad) with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onion, mastelo cheese, and pickled caper leaves.

The mastelo was bit over-cooked, but otherwise it was al; right. But 9 Euro for this Horiatiki PLUS? Really?

On the other hand, the small fish of the day, maridakia (whitebait), was cooked perfectly, generous in portion and cheap.

On the menu, it was 6.50 Euro, if I remember well, but on the bill it was only 6 Euro. Even in a cheap fish taverna in Piraeus, a plate of maridakia costs at least 5 Euro and the portion is not as generous. An absolute bargain.

We had also fried potatoes (GH's order, needless to say) for 4.20 Euro. They were cooked well, but probably the potato was not the right kind. Very disappointing.

We were pretty stuffed at this point, but we had already ordered another plate: linguine with karavides (Greek scampi). GH had all the karavides cleaned, which I did not approve, because the shells of the shellfish were important element to enhance the taste.

The karavides tasted very fresh, but were there were sands in the meat. As pasta, it was not as perfect as the one ate at Thalassinos in Tzitzifies (that one also included sands).

After the meal, we were offered liqueurs. As much as we wanted to drink! A shame that I am not a drinker.

Besides, we had a large glass (500ml) of Alpha beer and the total bill was about 50 Euro before the discount.

To drink wine or beer with some dishes of mezedes, I think this is a valid place, but with these chips and pasta, I do not feel like relying on it as a restaurant. I'd better try again to know if I like the place or not.

ΤΟ 25ΑΡΑΚΙ (To Eikosipentaraki)
Artemidos 3, Glyfada, 16674
Αρτέμιδος 3, Γλυφάδα, 16674
Tel. 210 8944112

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