26 October, 2012

Oinoberdemata @ Gazi

Last Sunday afternoon, we visited Oinomberdemata in Gkazi. It is a relatively new restaurant (maybe 2 years old?). Although it is fairly close to the centre of Gkazi (Keramikos Metro Station) and to Pireos Street, it is somehow hidden and I wondered if it could survive when it opened.

And here it is, alive and kicking.

There are two seating spaces. One is the semi-outdoor space where we seated (below). It can be closed with large glass screens in the winter.

And the other is indoor space, which is decorated in retro, pastel style (below).

As you see, it is clean and pretty.

Upon seating, we were invited by the waiter to come and see the mageirefta (cooked food). There are some stewed meats, oven cooked vegetables, and various side dishes. GH here went crazy and would have ordered 5 or 6 dishes if I did not stop him.

Anyway, they have also menu and tis oras (cooked to order grill), so don't get over excited and read the menu as well at your table.

As drink we ordered a half kilo of red wine (4 Euro) which was decent house wine.

I like the fact that on the table you can find all the condiments.

We liked the warm bread.

Oinoberdemata salad was a sort of Caesar's (6 Euro). Due to generous quantity of croutons, it turned out to be quite filling.

In the magreirefta counter, there were traditional Greek dishes and some modern Greek ones, like curried squids and chicken with Philadelphia cream cheese. This is also a rather modern Oven baked crepes filled with spinach (6.50 Euro).

Flour, cheese and cream sauce cannot go wrong in the oven! Very nice vegetarian dish.

And chick peas with leek was also delicious (6.50) and in generous portion.

As you can imagine, we were full at this point. But we had already ordered a main dish: veal biftekia served with fried potatoes (alternatively we could choose rice).

They were traditional Greek biftekia with lots of herbs. Nice, but not the best, according to my taste.

No free cake or liqueur.

The total bill came to 32.50 for 4 dishes. If you are persons of normal appetite, 3 dishes between 2 persons would be sufficient.

210 3411461-2

Leaving Gazi, we noticed that a new fast food joint opened on Pireos street.

It is called Gazozen and looks like gas stand.

I don't think I would stop here for fast food (because I do not eat fast food normally), but I liked the look very much.

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