13 October, 2012

13 Euro Menu @ Giannakos, Agioi Apostoloi

[This I wrote about a month ago and am publishing it only now; sorry].

Two weekends ago, when it was still hot, we went to Agioi Apostoloi (Kalamos) for swim. The fact was that only GH swam, but it is not an issue here.

It was the 3rd or 4th time to be in Agioi Apostoloi. And on arrival, we went to Dolce Gelato for a waffle and ice cream. I like ice cream in this shop and 1 scoop costs only 1.30 Euro. Not to miss, when we are there.

Then GH went for a swim.

While he was swimming, I looked for a nice place to eat using Foursquare. In Athens, there are several softwares that I can use to look for restaurants, but out of Athens, I found Foursquare most useful.

The best looked to be Giannakos, so, when GH finished swimming, that was where I took him.

And I saw this.

13 Euro per person for a set menu of either meat or fish/seafood. The one for 18 Euro is with garidomakaronada (spaghetti with king prawns).

This is the view from the restaurant: sea and Evvia island. It is situated conveniently in front of large parking.

And this is the view of the terrace. It is also very pleasant.

The prices were rather expensive. Fried potatoes in olive oil were 8 Euro which we found over-the-top (there were normal fried potatoes for normal price, too).

As we were not sure what to expect, we decided to order the set menu of meat.

Bread was served with olive paste enhanced with rosemary.

Starters were tomato & cucumber salad, tyrokafteri (there was a few choices here), and fried potatoes.

They were all pretty fine.

For the main dishes, we ordered a pork chop and ...

biftekia (burgers of veal mince), all served with more fried potatoes.

The pork chop was very think and there were only 2 biftekia, but both tasted fine. I suppose if I had ordered these from the normal menu, the portion had not been so small. At least I hope.

Even though the portion of meat was small, after having eaten bread, salad, and fried potato, not that we had much space in the stomach and it was all right.

The menu should have included a dessert, but the waiter tried to ignore it, so I had to remind him. He admitted that it was and gave us yoghurt with spoon sweets.

This was nice, too.

The menu included also a drink (either half kilo of wine or a bottle of beer). The total bill was 26 Euro, of course.

It was good value of money, but you should fight a bit to get it all. But now that we saw the quality was good, we'd rather go back to order from normal menu.

Seaside road, in front of the public parking
Agioi Apostoloi (Kalamos)
Tel. 22950 81249

Παραλιακή οδός, έναντι πάρκιγκ Αγ. Αποστόλων, Κάλαμος
Τηλ. 22950 81249

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