20 November, 2011

Sugar Inn @ Kolonaki

Went for a coffee in Kolonaki today.

It wasn't cold and could take a walk in the sun. That would have been better if we could find a place in the sun, but we ended up in this shadowy cafeteria in Tsakalof street instead, because I wanted to eat something sweet.

Sugar Inn

It is mainly a creperie which sells also waffles. We ordered a freddo cappuccino, a filter coffee and a crepe with orange marmalade and Grand Marnier.

The cafeteria is a direct neighbour of a souvlaki shop called Delicatessen and, while you enjoy your crepe, you are assailed by the souvlaki smell. If you are eating savoury crepe, it might OK, but if you are eating sweet crepe, it is not very pleasant.

Delicatessen Souvlaki

The crepe was presented in a very simple style, maybe too simple, almost ascetic.


The crepe itself was OK, if it was a bit hard. The marmalade was of good quality and I could sense Grand Marnier. However, 5 Euro seemed on the expensive side.

The coffees, on the other hand, were reasonable. Freddo cappuccino was 3.50 Euro and filter coffee was 3 Euro. Cheap if you consider that it was just 10 meters or so from Kolonaki Square.

I do not think I will go back for crepe, but if I need a cheap coffee, I might go back.

Sugar Inn
Tsakalof 14, Kolonaki

Now that I read the receipt, I notice that this is a branch of the shop in Zakynthos. I wonder how it is like there.

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