13 November, 2011

What We Ate in Arkadia

Last weekend we went to Arcadia for an overnight trip to celebrate my birthday.

We ate only twice in two days. It was not a result of perikopes & litotita. We usually have decent meal only once while we travel, because we eat lunch so late that we don't get hungry in the evening.

On 6 Nov evening, we ate at Elliniko as our pension was in this village as I wrote in the previous post.

According to our hotelier, this is the only taverna in the village: Georgada. I actually saw another building with taverna sign, but it was closed.

It was too cold to eat al fresco, so we had a table inside. Although it was very odd time (around 5 in the afternoon), some villagers and some tourists were eating.

Saganaki, Tzatziki and Horta. Saganaki was not-melty yellow cheese. Tzaziki also was very good, as yogurt was fantastic. It is not like the one you can find in Athenian tavernas, as central Peloponnese is yoghurt producing region.

Saganaki & Tzatziki

The menu was not long. As mageirefta, there were only pork in wine (in the photo) and lamb in lemon sauce. Otherwise, grilled meat (tis oras). The pork dish was just average as well as fried potatoes.

xoirino krasato

White wine was nice, light & fruity, though.

Yogurt and spoon sweet (of some sort of cherry) on the house. Although we were quite full, we could not resist the temptation and ate it all.

Greek Yogurt

The bill was extremely reasonable 22.50 Euro.

Elliniko Gortynias
Tel. 27950 31009

Saganaki 4
Tzatziki 3
Horta 3.5
Potatoes 2.5
Pork in Wine 7.5
Bread 1
Wine 1
Total 22.50 Euro

On 7 November, we had a late lunch in Stemnitsa.

The taverna Stemnitsa had many tables in the village's main square, but, again, it was too cold for us and choose a table inside.

Tzatziki, Greek Salad & Florina Peppers. Frorina peppers were cold & marinated in vinegar. The meat was very thick and sweet. I don't think they were Florina variety. Excellenet.

They had spanakorizo (spinach rice) and lamb with oregano, so we ordered both.


The lamb was tasty, but dry & hard. It might be from an animal older than a lamb.

With a bottle of beer, the bill came to 26.30 Euro. Not bad, but I would try other tavernas in the village as well.

Stemnitsa Arkadias
Tel. 27950 81371

Greek Salad 6.5
Tzatziki 2.8
Red Pepper 4
Spinach Rice 4
Lamb in Lemon & Oregano 7
Beer 2
Total 26.30

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