28 May, 2011

Un-intended Excursion to Nea Peramos

One Sunday, we decided to go to Pachi to eat seafood at the seafront.

But we got off at a wrong exit of highway and ended up in Nea Peramos.

Fortunately for us, there was a seafront also at Nea Peramos and there are seafood restaurants of course.

Nea Peramos

I tried to take a picture of the sea, not the kid, but the mother looked worried as if I were a pedophile. ha ha ha

I wanted to try one of the restaurants which was service rather interesting dishes, but Hubby insisted that we should have a table in front of the sea. That was why I ate at this restaurant. I think it was called Scorpios, but am not sure; it does not really matter.

At all the restaurants on Nea Peramos there was a lot of people. A LOT. All the restaurants were bustling. Some of the dishes we tried to order were already sold out (and it was around 2 o'clock MP). So we ordered what there were (avoiding over-priced fish of course).

Bread, Tyrokafteri, and Lettuce Salad came first.

I love lettuce, dill and spring onion salad.

And stuffed pepper.

Feta cheese inside. Nice combination of sweetness and saltiness. Visual effect of red/white combination also is fine.

Then there was a LONG hiatus. More than half an hour. We questioned waiters twice, but it did not seem to change the situation. It was evident that the kitchen and service were struggling.

Whatever the reason, 1 hour to fry kalamari and potatoes are unacceptable.

In general, the food was OK, but the slowness of the service is unacceptable. We needed to go to the cashier to pay the bill and even there we needed to wait for changes.

We went went home looking the shipyard of Elefsina.

The choice of restaurants was unfortunate, but it was a nice escape from Athens.

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