08 May, 2011

Lunch at Fasoli near Syntagma

I had to go to work one Saturday morning, and afterwards I met up Hubby for a lunch in central Athens.

First we tried mezedopoleio Filema, but all the tables outside were already taken. Hubby, as a good Greek, insisted that we should have lunch al fresco and that is why we went to Fasoli, where we had dinner once and liked it. (The previous visit to Fasoli).


When we arrived there were some tables, but they all got taken soon afterward and some people were waiting for tables (still, there were tables inside the restaurant, but the Greeks must eat open air).

This modern style taverna has a regular menu and dishes of the day. The last time, all the dishes of the day were already sold and we could not try. The dishes of the day are stored in the show case and you can see and choose.

We had one of these and one pasta from the regular menu.

Bread basket contains a mixture of white and black bread.

If you order only dishes of the day, I think they can serve immediately as everything is ready, just as in traditional style Greek tavernes. However, as we ordered a pasta, it took some time for the dishes to arrive.

Here is spaghetti with vegetables and mozzarella cheese. The portion was not big enough to be a stand alone dish, in my opinion. It was very cheesy and nice, anyway.

The dish of the day we had was chicken bifteki served with grilled veggie (we could choose an accompaniment from fried potatoes, oven potatoes, rice and veggie).

Chicken bifteki (burger) was pretty good, although I found the sauce too sweet. The veggie was crunchy and the dusted mint made it a bit "special". However, as it was a pre-cooked dish, the burger was lukewarm. If you want to have hot, cooked to order dish, you'd fare better order from the regular menu.

With a coca cola, the bill was a bit short of 20 Euro.

I like this place, because it serves dishes which are Greek but not regular usual suspects for an affordable price. The food is not gourmet, but it is a very valid alternative to Greek standard tavernes or to cafeteria food. I'd happy to go back.

HOWEVER, the seat Hubby took was a bit shaky and the toilet was broken at the time. He said we should change places for the coffee.


Hubby again insisted that we should be seated outside, but later found out that the inside was nice and told me that next time we should have coffee inside. Whatever...

I ordered a millefeuilles and it materialized in this form. It is virtually a cup of patisserie cream with some flakes of pie on top. Tasted OK, but it was not what I expected.

Although it was already a week after the Easter, there was an Easter supplement on the bill. This was the first time we saw Easter supplement in cafeterias/restaurants this year. In this period of crisis, most shops gave up the supplement fearing that it would be a negative effect. Evidently this cafeteria could defy such a fear.

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