07 May, 2011

Souvlaki @ Karababas

First time in Karababas.

Karababas is a famous souvlaki place in Piraeus. I am not sure why it is famous, but well known among the Greeks of Athens and Piraeus.

It is much more elegant than average souvlaki grill restaurants; very clean and no trace of grease.

There are about 10 tables in the shop and it does also delivery. Take-out is also possible.

There are only 2 main dishes at Karababas: pork morcels on skewer that they call "meat (kreas)" and sis kebab. You can order tzatziki and fried potatoes, but not salad as they don't sell it.

Even if you order a souvlaki plate, fried potatoes and tzatziki do not come on the plate. You have to order as side dish. we ordered only fried potatoes.

Just average frozen fried potatoes.

And souvlakia.

Souvlaki kreas

On a very small dish, there are a deep-fried pita bread, 3 good-sized pork souvlakia, raw onion salad and grilled tomato. That is it.

Karababas souvlaki

As you can probably tell from the photo, the meat is of good quality, no fat or sinew at all. Different from normal Greek souvlaki pork, the meat is marinated and that is why it is reddish.

The meat was tasty, but that was it. I did not like deep fried pita and the quality of tomato was not up to the standard (was mushy). If it were about 7 Euro, it might have been OK, but for 9.80 Euro?

Looking around us, the other Greeks were eating fried pita and grilled tomato as appetizer. Then they would eat more fried pita and grilled tomato with meat.

If you thought "WOW", maybe this is the place for you. We appreciated the experience, but won't go back for the pleasure of eating.

25.60 Euro for 2 souvlaki plates, 1 portion of fried potatoes, 1 beer, 1 coca cola.

Ag. Dimitriou 15-17
Tel. 210-461 2068

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