26 February, 2011

A Day in Halkida

Last Saturday, we went to Halkida for university reunion. Not that I did the university of Halkida, but we all studies at University of Pisa, Italy, where I met Hubby.

In the past, many young Greeks used to go abroad to study at higher instutions, as there were not many places in Greek universities. Nowadays the number of the Greek students seem to have decreased. But till 15-20 years ago, there were many.

Halkida is situated between the mainland Greece and Evvia Island. The water you see in the photo below is not a river but a streight.

We spoke, laugh, ate and drank for some hours.

Not all of us completed the studies there, but now we are all grown up and are leading happy life.

As it should be.


Before joining the reunion, I visited the archaeological Museum of Chalkida. It is a small and charming museum in a Neoclassic building donated by Andreas Syggros.

And even in Chalkida, again, I met him.

Antinoos in Halkida

Deified Antinoos. He is really everywhere, isn't he?

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