12 February, 2011

Geros tou Moria @ Plaka Athens

One Friday evening, Hubby and I visited for the first time a mousiki taverna (taverna with music) in Plaka.

Around 8 past in the evening, Mnisikleous street was deserted. We wondered if it was due to the time, to the season, or to the Crisis.

Mnisikleous Street
(The bright fortress above is Acropolis).

Mniskleous Street is in upper Plaka and lined with some music tavernas (Mnesikles is the name of the architect of Propylaia).

Geros tou Moria

We wentered a music tavern called Geros tou Moria (Old Man of Morea), sister restaurant of Palio Tetradio which is situated in front.

Who is the Old Man of Morea? Theodoros Kolokotronis, of course.

When we entered only two tables were occupied, while two bouzouki & guitar players were playing and singing (to the right). They were later joined by a blond female singer.

The menu is standard Plaka fair, but 20%-30% more expensive.

Seasonal Salad (5.50 Euro) was a mixture of cabbage, red cabbage, red capsicum, caper and olives.

Salata epochis

This salad was actually quite all right, if under-seasoned (but salt was in our reach).

Fried potatoes (4 Euros).

Fried potatoes

On the menu, it was written the potatoes were fresh, but they were clearly frozen potatoes. Lying to the customers is a big No No.

Crepes with spinach and feta cheese (8.50 Euro).

Served lukewarm. It was OK, but could and should have been much better with a bit of skill and care.

Veal with aubergine (12.50 Euro).

Although it tasted all right, meat was cheap cut with big sinew. Aubuergine was deep-fried once and consequently quite heavy.

After 10 o'clock Greeks started to arrive and the restaurant got half-full. Some people started to dance. Hubby ordered 1/4 little of wine and seemed to start to enjoy the environment.

For the whole package we paid about 40 Euros + tip. It isn't worth coming here only for food, but with a bit of wine and music, it can be a modest entertainment.

Geros tou Moria
Mnisikleous 27, Plaka
Tel.: +30 210 3221753
Fax: +30 210 322386

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