19 February, 2011

Taking A Walk In Piraeus

Last Saturday, the weather was very fine. We went for a walk in Piraeus taking the opportunity to go to pay the mobile bill at Wind shop.

To walk, we needed extra energy. We bought some snacks from a bakery. This is tyropita kourou. While normal tyropita (cheese pie) is made with flaky fyllo or puff pastry, kourou version is made with buscuit like dough. I like this way better, as it is less oily.

Tyropita kourou

Feta inside.

Tyropita kourou

A big fat door-cat on door mat.

Friendly, but not too playful.

An empty building in Marina Zea. This huge buidling was used to be occupied by the cafeteria Costa Costa. It was closed several months ago. Sign of crisis? The next door Flocafe seems to be always populated (but not that we come here to check that out during weekdays), but Costa Costa could not survive. I stopped going there, because there was no lock in the toilet. Maybe it was badly administrated, I wonder.

We had a coffee at Flocafe. Not that I like their product very much, but this cafeteria is pretty nice.

On our way back, we saw Ahinos reopened.

It was a cafeteria/restaurant standing on the sea-side of Peiraiki. It was closed a few years ago and now re-opened as restaurant.

Several years ago, all the other directly seaside resutanrants of Peiraiki were closed down & pulled down, because they were standing on the ancient wall of Piraeus. Ahinos survived it for a while, but was eventually closed down. And now revived.

I wonder what happened in between.

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