01 March, 2011

One Night in Thebes

This happened during the Apokries (Carnival) period preceeding the Lent.

We went to Thiva (Thebes) to visit this place.

Our friend was organizing a costume party in the underground of his shop.

The guy dancing in short skirt is our friend. He was a great party guy when he was in university and is still a great party guy even now that he is a father of two.

We danced until 3 in the night.

Thebe is only 1.5 hour drive from Piraeus, but we slept over as it is not exactly wise to drive the distance so late.

We stayed in this hotel called Niovi.

50 Euros per night for a double room with breakfast was a good buy, although the view from our room was nothing other than depressive (below).

Thebes is one of the few Greek towns inhabited CONTINIOUSLY from bronze age to today; below the modern town should be still many ancient ruins.

The above is supposed to be archaeological site as the brown sign board tells us, but it seems to be buried under the earth and it looks like a casual park.

After a walk, we visited the house of another friend and his wife who prepared us lunch. I rarely realize in Athens that the Greeks are supposed to be known for hospitality, but this time in Thebes I did feel the Greek hospitality.

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