06 February, 2011

Oraia Tou Prodromou @ Artemida

The other Sunday, we went to Brauron (Vravrona) to see the archaeological site.

The road was pleasant and the scenery was green, and our expectation got high. However, unfortunately the archaeological site was closed. In front of the site, there was a sign saying that the site was closed from 11 January. I am guessing that it will reopen by the summer, but you'd better check before going.

We could visit the museum nevertheless, which was well presented and interesting.

On our way back we stopped at a psistaria (grill restaurant) called Ta Oraia tou Prodromou in Artemida.

It was almost empty when we entered.

The restaurant does not have menu and a waiter told us what they had on the day. Hubby wanted 2 main courses or at least two meat dishes, but I stopped him and it turned out to be a wise decision.

Grilled bread of unusual shape.

Fried potatoes (Hubby's order) and mixed salad. The potatoes were average frozen ones.

Salad was fresh and abundant. On ordering, the waiter suggested us to reduced the amount as it was big. It was a good piece of advice.

Cheese saganaki.

Another of Hubby's order. I think it was kasseri. I like fried cheese, but I don't eat it, as it is too heavey on my stomach.

And the main course. Veal T-bone steak.

It was HUGE. Including the bone, I would say it weighed half a kilo before cooking. Inside the meat was pink, as we ordered medium. It was not as flavoursome as beef (Greeks usually don't cook beef steak), but as veal stake it was fine.

With a bottle of water and a can of coke, the bill was 28.60 Euros. We judged it was a good value and comforting meal.

By the way, I wrote that the restaurant was almost empty when we entered, but it did not remained in that way.

After 20 min or so, a group of 70 people entered without reservation and it turned the place into a chaos, eldery citizens trying to snach best seats.

Evidently it was a KAPI excursion (KAPI is a public institution to support the people in old age, if I understood well).

In the meantime, a live music band came in and started to play music. Elderly women could not wait to be served and started to dance!

In Greece, the eldery with good pension and with family and friends look to be the happiest people in the country.

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