29 January, 2011

Turkish Airlines Meal (Narita-Istanbul) 2011

Airplane meal on Turkish Airways, From Narita (Tokyo) to Istanbul.

On the airplane from Istanbul to Narita, there was a ban on all sorts of digital equipments including digital cameras and I could not take any photo. There was no such ban on the return flight. I guess the first airplane was very old and that was why (Do you remember that in the past, all the digital equipments like laptops, cd players, pagers were banned?).

As a something between lunch and dinner, I was given chichken teigh something with rice.

There was a choice between this and cannelloni, but not any more when the wagon came to my seat. No option.

The chicken was as expected, but the rice was disgusting soaked in the fat from chicken.

Turkish Airlines distribute coffee at the same moment they collect the tray. If you don't know, you just give the tray together with your cup to the stewardess and you miss the chance to have your coffee.

And just before arriving at Istanbul, we were given fish.

It is fish, rice and spinach. No taste, no good. Give me some soy sauce! (you might say I should have brought it with me and you are right).

Interestingly, I was given the same things last year (see here), except that I was allowed to have cannelloni. I don't know how frequent fliers can cope.

On this flight, I saw The Blind Side and Knight and Day. The Blind Side was as OK as I expected; no disappointment, no excitement. Knight and Day of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise was incredibly stupid, but probably it is OK for someone who loves this couple and looking for pass-time love-action movie.

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