02 January, 2011

Gustoso @ Rafina

Happy New Year!

Did you have a happy and gay holidays? Not like me?

I caught a bad cold on 30 December and slept from 31st December late afternoon and the whole 1st of January. Now the fever has past, but I cannot still eat solid food.

So, I don't have any photos of 2011 and the below were from 2010.

When we went to Rafina on 26 December, we bought some cakes from a zacharoplasteio (patisserie) called Gustoso.

There are all sorts of sweets, from biscuits and chocolates to baklavas and creamy fresh cakes.

Hubby bought rather boring slices of cakes called "pastes" here in Greece. Instead I bought fancier stuff.

This is cheese cake.

Cheese Cake

In my country, when one says "cheese cake" it is baked cheese cake, but here in Greece, it is non-baked type (I don't see baked cheese cake - if not Cretan mitzithra cheese pastries).

The cream was good, but I was not impressed by the buiscuit crambs in the bottom section.

The other one was excellent.

It was a hybrid between oriental sweets and European sweets. The shell is made of phyllo pastry, but inside there is custard cream, almond and sour cherries on the top.

I ate about 1/3 and Hubby divoured the rest.

If you have chance to go to Rafina, do try.

Zacharoplasteio "Gustoso"

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