02 January, 2011

Savvas @ Kalithea

I am still pretty sick and have not yet gone out to breath 2011 air.

Thus, I am continuing to post the photos of 2010.

Some days before the end of the year, we stopped at Kalithea branch of Savvas restaurant.

I have seen some branches around Athens and I guess there is a connection to that Savvas in Monastiraki. I found a website, but it does not have any content at the moment of writing.


It is a souvlaki restaurant with Constantinopolitan touch. Many dishes are some sorts of Turkish.

The beer was served in icy glass.

Chicken salad

It would have been nice, if it were in summer, but in chilly winter evening, it is difficult to appreciate.

Cold chicken salad.


Most of the things that might look like chicken are actually small pieces of pita bread. These tasted stale oil and were disgusting. Otherwise, ... just passable, I am afraid.



It had an unpleasant small of half-cooked meat. I think the heat was not high enough.

Kotobakon (bacon wrapped chicken morsels) ordered by my ever-conservative-in-food husband.


Finally this was ok. Well. I don't like kotobakon in general, but this was better than the ones I have ever eaten.

But Hubby was mourning that the menu had promised it to be served with fries. As I did not read it, I don't know if it was so.

The bill was about 20 Euros. Normal price for souvlaki restaurants. If I am ever coming back to this restaurant, I would try to order ordinary, classic things as possible. But I don't think I would go back willingly.

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