03 August, 2009

Varkiza and Vouliagmeni

Having been away for some days and occupied with miscellaneous jobs, I did not have time to blog, but now I am back! :)

Yesterday, my bro-in-law took hubby and I to the beach. We were a group of 8 and went to somewhere below Varkiza for swimming. I remained out of water, as it was too sunny and I was sure to be burnt to death (I have sensitive skin and it has never been under the sun this summer). But Hubby enjoyed his first bath in this summer and it was excellent.

Afterward, we were taken to an Italian restaurant in Varkiza. It was called Vice Versa, if I remember well.

Hubby ate a Four Seasons pizza.

This wasn't bad, but home made pizza comes out better than this as I use better ingredients.

And I had tagliatelle with vegetable.

Tagliatelle were cooked well, but the combination of veggies and seasoning were uninspiring. Italians are genius in doing this kind of thing and it is where the Greeks fail. I ate half the plate and Hubby finished all. I stole two pieces of pizza from his plate.

With mineral water, it came to 25 euros (actually Hubby paid more as he had to pay also for his ever-needy other brother - they are 3 brothers). Not that the food was disgusting, but paying for sort of food that I can cook better is totally silly. But, you know, it wasn't me or Hubby who chose where to eat, sadly.

Hubby and I were already full, but the others were not satisfied and came to Waffle House in Vouliagmeni.

This is Waffle House. The have a lovely arrangement of colourful chairs. And, no, my photograph does not any justice to it. Sorry!

I tested pistachio ice cream.

One scoop costs 2 euros. It is a generous portion and very filling. But if my memory serves me well, I liked better pistachio ice cream of Pagotomania.

A friend of Bro-in-Law (the one who took us there) ordered something interesting and he let me take a photo of it.


This is a waffle with nutella, 4 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. He said it was excellent, but even he could not finish most of the waffle. I stole a mouthful, but it was well too sweet for me.

We went back around 8 and went streight to the bed, as we were very tired from the works of previous days.

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