23 August, 2009

Waffle @ Flocafe

We went to Flocafé in Marina Zea, Piraeus.

Having already had an overload of coffee, we ordered a waffle.

It is sold in a package with ice cream, i.e., you cannot order waffle without ice cream. We had it with Vanilla and Caramel ice cream with whipped cream and vissino (sour cherry) sauce. There are other flavours of ice cream and sauces.

Flocafé waffle is square against the round variety that I have seen more often in Greece. It was quite good being crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy in the inside. I liked it better than the waffle of Costa Costa, just next to Flocafé.

Post Scriptum 7. Dec. 2009.

Yesterday, we ordered again the waffle at the same Flocafe (7.20 euros).

I forgot to order the sauce. It was my fault.

Apart from that, the waffle seemed be shrunk and thinner. Not as good as the one we ate before. Shame.

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