15 August, 2009

Return from Lesvos

We returned from the 5-day vacation on Lesvos (Lesbos or Mitylene) island.

It was fantastic! We loved the island. It does not have UNESCO World Heritage site or any postcard-famous site, but there are so many interesting and beautiful places. We would love to return there again and again.

I will write about the island on Gate to Greece site, and here are some photos.

There are many miraculous saints and icons on the island, and here is one of them: Agios Rafail.

Rafail was a monk who was martyred by the hands of Ottoman Turks. There is a huge religious institution with many free accomodations. We kissed the holy relics (bones) and collected holy water.

This is Anaxos beach, near Petra, on the northern coast of the island.

Beaches are in general very quiet even in the middle of August, as we liked it.

Price of food is not much less than in Athens, but drinks are.

This beer cost 2.50euros, frappé 2 to 2.50 euros, Greek coffee from 1 to 1.70 euros.

We spent 5 days on the island and went around with a rent car, but we don't feel at all we saw it sufficiently. Cannot wait to go back.

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