24 August, 2009

Prokomenes @ Glyfada, Greece

Yesterday we visited Prokomenes in Glyphada after a short bathing in Voula.

I found this place on the web version of Exodos (ref. http://www.exodos.gr/index.php?ctg=gourmet&sub=details&id=2468). For this reason, I did not know exactly where it was, even if I had a map in hand.

We must have looked lost and a young guy working for a restaurant and tried to show us a way. He was kind enough, but without really looking at the map we had, he indicated us the way to Biftekipoli (another name of odos Konstantinoupoleos, as there are many 'biftekia' restaurants alongside the road).


So I disregarded his advice and headed for the different direction and 3 min later we were in front of the place we were looking for.

The first letter looks like OMEGA, but it is actually PAI.

They classify themselves as 'mageireio', although the place is very modern and pretty. They do not have menu, so the customers go to the counter and choose what they like from already cooked foods (mostly stews or oven baked stuff). It is not a self-service, as they will serve you the plates.

When we were seated, they brought us bread and olives.

Both bread and olives were very nice.

Then, a waiter came to our table with about 8 small dishes and asked us if wanted any of these. So far as I remember the selection included fava, grilled peppers, feta, horta, tyrokafteri, lentil salad, and melizanosalata that we took.

This was actually made from grilled aubergine, but the texture wasn't quite right. It was mashy than slippery.

This is Hubby's Soutzoukakia Smyrneika with potateos.

They were pretty good being soft and spicy.

I had veal cooked in lemon with rice (you can choose either potato or rice).

The meat was fine (this was a big hit with Hubby), but I did not like the rice which was too dry and hard; it is possible that it had passed quite a long time after being cooked.

At the last, we were given a complementary watermelon.

I noticed that the other tables were given watermelon and melon assortment. Maybe we can get melon as well, next time we will be there.

The final bill came to 26.50€ and here is the breakdown.

Bread and Olives 1€ x 2
Water 2€
Beer 330ml 2.50€
Melitzanosalata 4€
Veal dish 9€
Soutzoukia 8€
Watermelon (free)

Cooked dishes are not cheap, but in the end it came out reasonable because of low cover (bread) charge, drink price, and free watermelon.

The food in general has a politiki (Constantinopolitan) touch and fairly good. Environment and clean, fresh and cheerful. We would like to go back.

Prokomenes (Προκομένες)
7 Οδός Αλσους
Γλυφαδα 16675
Tel. 210-8985996

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