11 July, 2009

Tale of Two Souvlakia

The other day, went to Το Σουβλάκι του Χασάπη (To Souvlaki tou Hasapi), The Butcher's Souvlaki (shop), in Apollonos Street near Syntagma Square.

Being in a hurry, I did not take picture of the shop. It is a hole-in-the-wall type very small shop, with only a few chairs and people usually eat standing.

They don't sell souvlaki (kaimaki KALAMAKI) in pita wrap and all you can get is skewered & grilled meat (pork), sliced bread, fried potato and lemon. The major clients seem to be middle-age to elderly guys who live nearby. Kafeneio type clientele. They enjoy their meat with cold beer.

On the other hand, I had it on the go.

Well, it was nice, but as nice as those served many souvlaki shops in my neighbourhood in Piraeus. €1.50 for a skewer is more expensive than average. Most of all, I would prefer to have souvlaki (kaimaki) in pita. Personal preference, of course.

And yesterday evening, we went to Monastiraki Square. Gelato from Mattonella, as usual. This is strawberry sorbet.

After having coffees at Dioskouroi Kafeneion in Upper Plaka, we went back to Monastiraki Square to eat souvlaki.

I tried for the first time Thanassis's Kebab.

Meat itself is soft and juicy, with strong lamb-ey flavour.

The wrap does not include chips (fried potatoes) or tzatziki. I am not a big fan of french fries, but would prefer to have tzatziki. Besides, the pita was too oily to my taste. Comparing to this one, personally I prefer Bailaktaris' gyro wrap.

Next time, we will try Savvas to complete the scene.

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