19 July, 2009

Fish Taverna without Name

The other Sunday, Hubby and I decided to go out for dinner, but, as soon as we went out, it started to rain and we ended up in a roadside taverna near our flat. It is strictly for the neighbours and you don't see even the name outside.

It does not even have menu and you just order from the list of dishes orally given by waiteress. At this point, we figured out it was a psarotaverna (fish tavern).

Bread (xoriatiko psomi).

Nice, but I cannot accept bread as accompaniment to fish. Is it just me? Probably.


We never manage to finish feta slab on horiatiki salata (Greek salad), so we ordered it without cheese. The chili pickles were slightly chilly hot as I like it.

Feta saganaki.

Hubby wanted tyrokafteri, but they had only fava.

Black kitty watching us.

A huge mountain of fried potato.

Probably hand-cut. Fine.

Highlight of the day was grilled squid.

It was soft and sweet.

Unfortunately grilled tsipoura wasn't so good.

It was baked far too long in my opinion. Greeks like to overdo fish as well as meat.

The taverna keeps a cat to entertain customers.

Or to clean un-eaten fish.

Perhaps her son?

The bill with a bottle of beer was 36 euros. It is very good considering the presence of two big fish/seafood.

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