17 July, 2009


Recently I haven eaten Briam at two restaurants (tavernes) in Athens and both of them served briam very similar to ratatouille. Cooked in tomato sauce and very wet.

I am not saying that they were not briam, but I was rather disappointed at them, as what I know as briam is much drier.

So I tried mine.

It is very easy to make. Slice aubergine, zucchini, potato and tomato. Add olive oil, salt and oregano. Place slices in layers in a over proof dish or oven tin, and bake 30 min in oven. I added also anthotyro, but you can use feta or can do without cheese at all.

It is not to be eaten hot, but in room temperature. It is a perfect summer dish, you know.


From laiki market, I bought vlita. This one included some red leaves.

But, not that tasted different. Just interesting.

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