11 July, 2009

Diasimos @ Peiraiki, Piraeus

A Saturday night in July 2009, coming home late from work and being tοo tired to cook (and my husband incapable of cooking, etc. etc.), we went down to Akti Themistokleous, the area also called Peiraiki, for dinner.

We wanted to go to either Faros or Gia Mas, which we know are good, but they are too far to reach; it was already quite late and I was exhausted. That is why we ended up in fish taverna Diasimos, which is about 5 min. walk from our flat. This below is an image photo taken in the winter this year.

Actually it was already dark, around 11 o'clock.

Diasimos is a huge restaurant occupying two edifices and one having two storeys.

We got a table by the busy street, with a very little view of the sea, as a car was parked just next to us. When we went in, Hubby was invited in to see the fresh fish counter. I wanted to decline, as it is a famous tourist trap, but Piraeus born and grown hubby - it is difficult to be more local than him - went in to see and ordered a grilled squid. It looked pretty large.

And we ordered other stuff too. These are fried potatoes and horta. Fried potatoes were oily and strange in texture; should have been either frozen or pre-fried.

However, ugly and black looking horta in this photo actually was pretty good, slightly bitter and not over-cooked.

This is Midopilafo - mussels cooked with rice.

Again, it was nothing exceptional, but OK. Probably it was a bit meagre for 7 euros price-tag.

The biggest disappointment, however, came with the squid.

They say it weighed 600 grammes, but looked far too small, much smaller than what Hubby chose from the fresh fish counter. But, realistically, is there any way we could prove that it was different squid? No.

We realised later that the waiter thought Hubby was a foreigner. He (waiter) said Hubby's accent sounded foreign.

The mistake cost him (hubby) dear; this tiny squid was billed as €16.80. I should have dragged him away from the fresh fish counter.

If you are wondering, just check out the squid we had at the Faros some weeks ago; it cost €20.80, but it was twice as large.


At the end, we were offered free water melon. The total bill including also a bottle of beer and a bottle of water was €35.30. Too expensive for what we ate. No receipt, of course (but I have a photograph of the bill).

Akti Themistokleous 306

Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 306
Τηλ: 210 4514887

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