31 August, 2015

What We Ate in Gytheio and Around 4

The final post about the food we ate in Gytheio; click here for the first, the second and the third part.

This is a hotel/cafe/restaurant called La Boheme.

Here and in another cafe in Gytheio, cappuccino freddo was served with whipped cream. You can see it in Athens, too, but it is normally described as "freddo capputticno with whipped cream", and you won't order it unknowingly.

With coffee, we ordered a chocolate souffle. I don't remember how much it cost, but was rather expensive. I felt disappointed when I saw the small size of it, but the taste compensated the quantity.


On our way back to Piraeus, we stopped at Sparti for lunch.

We did not plan it, so I did a quick search with Tripadvisor to find a nearest place with good rating.

That was how we found Tsipouradiko 50.

It is just some streets behind the central square, but I would not find it, if I was not searching for it specifically. It should have a courtyard, but it was closed, because, it was raining (strange for August in Greece). The interior is old taverna/kafenio style but the establishment is relatively new, only 3 or 4 years old.

We ordered some mezedes, that all came in a decent portion.

This is spaghetti cooked with butter, garlic and cheese. The owner told us it was a traditional recipe of Mani. Not only the garlic, but also grated cheese were fried in a pan. Interesting dish.

With 5 dishes we were stuffed and the bill came to very reasonable 25.50 Euro. Recommended.

Tsipouradiko To Peninda - Τσιπουράδικο το '50'
Evangelistrias 50, 23100, Sparti, Lakonia
Ευαγγελιστρίας 50, 231 00, Sparti Lakonías
Tel. 27310 83585

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