24 August, 2015

What We Ate in Gytheio and Around 2

Here is the 2nd part of "What we ate in Gytheio and Around", continuing from the part 1.

GH generally does not like to eat in the same place repeatedly. Just for this reason, we visited also 90 Moires (read "Eneninda mires", meaning 90 degrees, as the restaurant is positioned at a corner). It is a fairly large place by Gytheio's standard.

We had once ate here 1.5 years ago and I knew what to expect (GH did not really remember).

Here are tzatziki and tomato-cucumber salad to start.

The restaurant has both meat, fish and cooked vegetable (ladera) dishes. We got grilled sausage and briam.

I found both very tasty, but the portion was small and over-priced. The bill came to 29 Euro, without eating much and without free dessert (which I remember to have had when we visited here in the winter).

Good food, but too expensive. I am not sure I would like to try it again.

90 Moires - 90 Μοίρες
Tzanni Tzanetaki Street
Tel. 27330 25425


As the restaurants in Gytheio do not offer free dessert (at least during the summer), we stopped buy Italian gelato at a place called Vitorino. The ice creams were pretty good and 1.60 Euro a scoop. They have never given us receipt, though.


As we get tired eating at Greek taverna lunch end dinner, sometimes we at alternative places. Gytheio is not a town with disco and clubs, but there are nice cafes and bars along the seaside.

One of these places was Lybe-Lybe, which offers Italian style food as well as drinks.

This is a salad with rocket and mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto with balsamic vinegar.

Pizza came a bit burnt, but did not taste bad as much as it looked in the photo. It was also huge and was enough to feed us 2 (although you have to know that I cannot eat pizza so much especially for dinner, as I cannot digest).

The dough was a bit too tough and was difficult to bite.

The price I think was around 25 Euro including a bottle of beer. The wifi worked perfectly. As I said, it is a nice place for non-Greek meal.

Lybe Lybe
Tzanni Tzannetaki, Gytheio
Tel. 27330 75404


We ate also crepes sometimes at Touristiko Periptero.

Touristiko Periptero -  Τουριστικό Περίπτερο
Eleftherolakonon, Gytheio
Ελευθερολακώνων, Γύθειο
Tel. 2733022282

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