23 August, 2015

What We Ate in Gytheio and Around 1

GH and I went to Gytheio in Lakonia, South Peloponnese for summer vacation.

Earlier in the year we were planning to travel to Crete and spend a week. But, then, Syriza triggered the capital control and it seemed too risky to buy ferry tickets and prepay hotels.

So we booked a cozy room in front of beach in a village near Monemvasia, thinking it would be nice to explore the area we have never spent much time.

This plan failed too because of some problem in the family and we just had to pick anything acceptable in the highest season. Not that Gytheio is an unattractive place to spend summer vacation (on the contrary!), but the fact that we have been there twice in the past made it a less interesting choice for us.

Here are some photos from Gytheio and around, if you are interested in planning a trip.

As always, I concentrate here on the food. We spent 5 nights there and I can say that I have a good overview of the restaurant scene in the area.


The first place where we ate was the most low-key of all. Gytheio is only about 3.5 to 4 hours drive from Athens. Having left our home at 8 o'clock in the morning to avoid traffic, even with some stops for coffee and toilet, we were already in Gytheio around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The hotel room was available only from 2 o'clock, so we went out to eat to kill some time. GH was thirsty and wanted to settle somewhere close . That was why we settle here that had shade and fan (he tends to avoid air-conditioning, as many Greeks do).

It is one of the tavernas and cafes standing around the square toward the end of Vasiliou Pavlou Street and is called Treis Laloun. (By the way, the bakery next to the taverna in the photo makes excellent cheese pies; try especially 'horiatiki tyropita', if they have).

The menu is classic Greek one and has a very wide range of food, both meat and fish. We opted for souvlaki, but seafood on the other tables looked good.

Bread came grilled, with olive oil and oregano. Tomato and cucumber salad was also fine, although I wanted the portion to be larger.

Tzatziki was very thick and creamy. The best dish we had at this taverna.

Gemista (staffed tomatoes).

Souvlaki "Tris Laloun" tasted fine, but again small.

With a bottle of beer, the bill was 20 Euro. Food was fine, if nothing special. You'd better order an extra dish, as portion is small.

Tris Laloun - ΤΡΕΙΣ ΛΑΛΟΥΝ
Gytheio, Laconia
Tel. 27334 00123


In the first evening, we went to a fish taverna called Trata. I had wanted to visit this place for years, not because it is on the top of Tripadvisor list (at this moment, it actually is), but because I missed it the last 2 occasions for some reason or another regardless of the recommendation I received 5 years ago.

To start, we ordered a boiled green (horta) and this zucchini cake. It was made from zucchini, feta cheese, egg and herbs. Pretty nice and interesting dish.

Fried calamari was also well executed and in a large portion.

We had also a portion of shrimp spaghetti (garidomakaronada), which was a disappointment. Admitted that the price is quite low (8 Euro), I would not order again over-boiled spaghetti with 5 or 6 small shrimps tossed in. I did not like the spice (cinnamon?) in the tomato sauce.

The total bill came to 27 Euro, which is quite reasonable in Gytheio where the food tend to be expensive for a regional town.

So if you keep your food expense low and still want to have a nice Greek food, Trata is a good choice. The owners were very friendly too. But I do not think the food is top-notch. I did not like the white wine with vinegary flavor either.

I Trata - Η Τράτα
Tzanni Tzanetaki
Tel. 27330-24429

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