08 November, 2014

Where We Ate in Epirus - Part 1

I have been quiet for a while because GH and I went to Epirus for a week from the end of October to the beginning of November.

Always, I recap here the places where we ate during the trip.

* * * * * * *

Our first stop was Ioannina.

I have never been to this town, but GH did a part of his military service here. It was almost 15 years ago and he did not remember much.

We arrived there at the lunch time, so we went to a place called Fysa Roufa, which I found on Foursquare.

It is a mageireio style place where you can choose your meal from showcase.

When I say "showcase" probably I am not giving you the right image. It is different from self-service canteen where the food is served directly from it. In mageireio, normally you choose the food you want, go to your table and sit down. The kitchen people reheat it (if it is not warm enough), dish it up, and then your waiter bring it to you, just like in any other restaurants. GH is particularly fond of this style and went crazy when he saw it and decided 2 main dishes on his own.

So I ordered only a chicken soup (5 Euro). Fisa Roufa is known for its soups and on that day they had 4 or 5 soups on the menu.

It was warm and good to settle down my stomach. We had also a serving of rolled pork with cheese and vegetable filling and a serving of stuffed zucchini with egg & lemon sauce. They were all good, if not excellent. We paid about 25 Euro together with a bottle of beer, bread and free dessert.

Fysa Roufa - ΦΥΣΑ ΡΟΥΦΑ
Averof 55, Ioannina, 45221
Αβέρωφ 55, Ιωάννινα, 45221
Tel. 26510 26262

Then we went to the castle (fortress) of Ioannina (which in Greece called Εις Καρέ). There is a famous cafe-mezedopoleio, but we did not stop.

This day, we did not really have a dinner, because we met up a cousin of GH and her husband and ate a quick souvlaki.

* * * * * * *

On the day 2, we had breakfast at the hotel (we stayed at a place called Kentrikon, which is really central).

We had a lunch at a fast food place called Hippo Style.

Why we chose to eat fast food in Ioannina? It was because this was the place where GH used to go when he was doing military service. It was a nostalgic thing.

This is my crepe, I think it was called Mexican, but it had nothing to do with Mexico, as the chicken was flavoured with curry. It cost under 5 Euro and very filling. Not bad value for money.

Hippo Style
Plateia Neomartyros Georgiou 13, Ioannina, 45444
Πλατεία Νεομάρτυρος Γεωργίου 13, Ιωάννινα, 45444
Tel. 26510 72977

In the afternoon, we traveled to Monodendri in Zagorohoria, where we were to stay for 3 nights.

I was looking forward to visit a famous taverna called Pita tis Kikitsas in the village, but when we arrived in the evening, we were told that it was closed.

Disappointed, we went to the restaurant of a hotel called Arktouros, which was only 1 place remained open in the lower part of Monodendri village in that evening.

We ordered a bottle of local bubbly red wine, which cost 8 Euro. It is pretty expensive for a wine without label. It was interesting, but 1 try was enough for us.

As we did not want to eat meat on that day, we ordered a galotyri (this name is used for various cheeses in Greece and in Zagorohoria it was a sort of feta and yogurt dip), butter beans with green, briam, and fried potatoes.

They were all pleasant but there was nothing stood out either. The total bill came to 27 Euro.

Arktouros - Αρκτούρος
Lower part of Monodendri
Tel. 26530 72000

Unfortunately, we did not eat quite well in Zagorohoria and this was just a beginning. It was because, first of all, tavernas tended to be closed (evidently and unexpectedly autumn is a low season in Zagorohoria), portion tended to be small, choices tended to be limited, and price tended to be a bit higher). You will see it later.

To be continued...

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