22 November, 2014

To Lychnion @ Ambelokopoi

Since GH changed workplace last year, we rarely go to northern part of Athens (here I use 'northern' in the sense of anywhere above central Athens). Last week, however, we happened to go to Panormos for a coffee with friends. After the meet-up, only GH and I decided to eat.

I chose Lychnion, because I have read positive reviews about this place for some years and have been curious.

The building is a bit particular; it is an old monokatoikia (a house standing on its own) and inside is just like home, except for the big metal air-ducts passing near the ceiling.

Regardless of the ducts, the air was filled with smell from the grill. A tip: Do not come here with your nice clothes on.

In fact, the main dishes are almost exclusively grilled meat. If I remember well, there was only 1 stewed (mageirefto) dish.

I forgot to take the picture, but the first to be served was grilled slices of bread. It was nice that they were grilled, but the bread itself tasted a bit stale.

I did not like much the red wine, while GH did. It depends on taste.

Horta and tyrokafteri were fantastic. Especially the tyrokafteri. It should be fresh and there were large bits of Greek green hot pepper.

Here is a sausage from the starter section. Tasted fine, but was really small.

And here are beef (veal) burgers. They have also stuffed burgers, but I opted for simple one.

They had a good taste, but were rather greasy and contained some hard bits, which means that the meat wasn't from good cuts. Not the best example I have ever eaten.

At the end, we were offered halvas on the house. This was well made and wasn't oily at all.

I do not remember exactly how much we paid, but it should have been less than 25 Euro including tip (note, however, that we had only 1 main dish between us).

Although it was a weekday evening, 6 or 7 tables were occupied. It is quite good for such a small taverna.

All in all, to me it was just an affordable, friendly, neighbourhood grill-taverna. If you are in the area, you can drop by and eat reasonably fine without worrying about the bill. But for us who live in Piraeus, I don't think it is worth a trip.

To Lychnion - Το Λυχνίον
Louizis Riankour 17, Ambelokipoi, 11523 Athens
Λουίζης Ριανκούρ 17, Αμπελόκηποι, 11523 Αθήνα
Tel. 210 6990119

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