30 November, 2014

Tomas Kebab @ Neos Kosmos

Last Sunday, the weather wasn't nice and GH did not have any good idea what to do. So I convinced him to explore a bit Neos Kosmos area of Athens.

I pass there more often than he do, to change Tram to Metro. I have seen some some interesting shops, but have had never chance explore it properly.

Our main destination of the day was a small kebab shop called Tomas.

Although it is a really small shop with only 3 or 4 stools, it is also quite famous because of its media exposure. Its specialty is Armenian kebab, Mr. Tomas being an 'Armenian'.

As many of you already know, Armenians came to Greece in various points in the history. Some came during the Ottoman period, many came after a disaster in Asia Minor and the subsequent Population Exchange, and also in more recent years. Because of this history, many 'Armenians' do not really look or sound different from the 'Greeks'.

The menu is shorter than typical one of ordinary souvlaki shops, but has some exotic choices like, Isli keftedes, falafel, hummus, or lachmatzoun. Main dishes are only kebab, chicken kebab, or chicken shish, and giaourtlou (i.e. the kebab with yogurt on top).

I ordered kebab in pita (1.90 Euro) and GH a giaourtlou (8.40 Euro with 4 kebabs). We took two stools and Mr. Tomas had his man serve us water and glasses.

At one point, 3 men came into the small shop and it got really stuffed. If you'd like to eat quietly, you'd better take out or, if you live nearby, have the food delivered.

Here is my kebab in pita.

The kebab was wrapped in a non-oiled pita together with sliced tomato, onion and parsley. As fried potato and tzatziki were absent, it was not as filling as normal souvlaki wrap and it almost tasted like healthy. Kebab itself was tasty and relatively dry as I like it.

GH's giaourtlou was like this.

From the bottom of the metal dish, there was a layer of pita, then yogurt, kebab, yogurt, tomato sauce, and spices on top. I like this less than mine, because kebabs got soggy due to moistness of yogurt. But, I do not like giaourtlou to start with, so you do not need to listen to me.

We bought also lachmatzoun to take away. As I ate it only the day after, having reheated it with microwave, I cannot really comment how nice it was, but can tell you that it was pretty hot, as Mr. Tomas warned us.

It was not the best kebab I have eaten, but the best ones I have eaten cost much more than 1.90 Euro. I found it a quite enjoyable snack. And it was nice to meet charming Mr. Tomas. So why not? It is just 3 minutes walk from Neos Kosmos Metro & Tram stations.

Tomas - Τομάς
Sarkoudinou 43, Neos Kosmos, Athens
Σαρκουδίνου 43, Νεος Κόσμος, Αθήαν
Tel. 210 9015981
(It does also delivery in neighboring area)

Afterward, we had coffees at a cafe restaurant called Pastor and then stopped at Kostis to buy some sweets.

It is such a pleasure to explore unknown areas of Athens.

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