27 November, 2014

Thalias Mezedotechnion @ Gyzi

Visited Thalia's in a Thursday evening.

It is not situated on a busy street; if you don't live in the area, there is a very little chance you find it by chance. But nowadays we search for restaurants on internet. If you do so, Thalia's is not difficult to find; it is very much discussed and praised.

And that was why we found ourselves at Thalia's.

The decor was more modern than I had imagined. Seeing the photos on the internet, there should be a courtyard, but in this season, the seating is limited to indoor space.

The menu is not very long, but there is a good variety. There are both meat and seafood & fish dishes. Our waiter, Giorgos, informed us that everything was made by his mother Thalia.

Again, according to information on internet, they came from the island of Tzia (Kea) to Athens and opened this place recently.

That evening we had a friend with us and could order more dishes than usual.

First to arrive was a salad. I don't recall the name (maybe Thalia's salad?), but do remember the contents. This is a mixture of tzatziki, tomato, onions on the bed of crashed smokey aubergine.

Mr. Giorgos suggested us to mix everything before we eat. First we ate tzatziki and aubergine separately, and afterwards we mixed it together. It was delicious in both ways.

Here is lachanodormades (cabbage rolls), from Today's dishes. Classic dish, made with good ingredients. When I eat lachanodormades in tavernas, sometimes I found the texture of the mince a bid odd. Probably because the mix something other than meat and rice. This version here was like your mother's; there is nothing incomprehensible inside.

These are pastourmadopita and hortopita. The pie dough was obviously handmade and, although were deep fried, there was no unpleasant oiliness. Only problem that some parts of dough were not cooked and remained raw, which was a shame.

Biftekia (burgers) were served with fried potatoes. The mince was evidently from a good cut and there was not tough bit. I would have preferred it with less oregano, but still it was good and juicy bifteki.

The last dish was fried cod and garlic sauce. I forgot to take the photo of cod, but I did the garlic sauce (skordalia). It was with walnuts. I ate it without bothering to put it on the fish.

At the end they offered us a free dessert of semolina halvas with orange peel.

Together with bread and half a kilo of red wine, the bill came to about 45 Euro, that is 15 Euro per a head. We all agreed that it was a good value for money for the quantity and quality that we got.

The location is a bit out of our way, but it is worth a trip; we would like to revisit to try other dishes.

Thalia's Mezedotechnion- Θάλειας Μεζεδοτεχνίον
Koutsikari 47, Gkyzi, 11522 Athens
Κουτσικάρη 47, Γκύζη, 11522 Αθήνα
Tel. 215 5207098

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