12 April, 2014

Vrachia tis Piraikis @ Piraeus

I live in an area of Piraeus where there are tens of restaurants within walking distance. Many of them are quite good and even destination restaurants for many. But because they are so close and we do not get the sense of eating out, we do not visit them as often as we should.

Vrachia tis Piraikis is one of them and of the most popular choices in the area. It is not a super excellent fish restaurant, but it offers very affordable fish/seafood and the kitchen is reliable. We have been here 3 times and we have never been disappointed.

The decor is very basic and simple. When there is sun light, you have a view to the sea, but not in the evening.

To start, we had melitzanosalata (3 Euro) and horta (my receipt says that it was stamnagathi and cost 5 Euro, but I think it was radicchio or something). Both OK.

Fried calamari were pretty good. They are frozen (not fresh), but personally I do not mind. 5 Euro.

Steamed mussels were very good and came plenty. You won't believe it cost only 6 Euro.

We had also freshly fried potatoes for 2.50 Euro (GH's order, of course) and we were stuffed.

They offered a dessert (chocolate covered walnut cake) on the house. I think they could have offered us 1 piece each, but GH was so full and he politely declined. That is why there are two forks for 1 cake in the photo.

With half a kilo of white wine (2.50), the bill came to 24 Euro.

This is not a gourmet restaurant, but it is a perfect place where you can enjoy seafood/fish without worrying how much money you have in your wallet and also for groups in which there are often someone who does not want spend much on food.

But the place is small. Especially if you come in group, from far and/or toward weekend, reservation is highly recommended. I often see people queuing up or turned down here Sunday lunch time.

TA VRAHIA TIS PIRAIKIS (Τα Βράχια της Πειραϊκής)
Akti Themistokleous 300, Piraeus
Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 300
Tel. 210-45.38.461


Linda said...

It looks like a very nice place. I love the tablecloths and matching coloured chairs. Hello from Montreal, Canada.

mesogeia said...

Hello Linda,
Yes, it is a nice neighborhood restaurant. Unpretentious, cheap, and reliable. :)

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