26 April, 2014

The Grocery @ Kolonaki

In a Saturday afternoon, we walked around Kolonaki and, after a while, we decided have a lunch. Without any expectation, we stopped at this place on Skoufa Street, close to Rosebud restaurant bar.

The Grocery seemed like a cafe-bar, rather than a full-swing restaurant. 

The menu is not long, and many of the items were actually off, although there were some dishes of the day. The main dishes on the menu are mostly above 10 Euros, which means that if you order a starter and a main, your food bill should necessarily be above 15 Euro.

The bread and dip were a 'cover', i.e. an obligatory order if you don't decline explicitly.

The dip was a mixture of yogurt and herb(s). It was nice, but as we ordered something similar as a starter, it was somehow superfluous.

This is tyrokafteri with Lefkada sausage, which turned out to be similar to salami. It did not feel heat almost at all and tasted more like thick yogurt with herbs. 

These are fried triangle pies with Metsovone cheese. The yellow paste that looks like musterd is citrus marmarade. Interesting. 

The above dishes can either be starters or nibbles for your drink.

We ordered only 1 meat dish, as this intended to be a light lunch. These are kebabs with yoghrt (yaourtlou kebab). 

Not particularly impressive, but enjoyable. Again the mixture of fresh herbs was characteristic. I recognized fresh coriander which is rarely seen in Greek restaurants. (By the way, it is a mystery for me, because I often see fresh coriander in open markets). 

The total bill came to 21.20 Euro including one glass of beer. It is not a bad deal if you like this way of eating. 

Skoufa 46 & Omirou, Kolonaki, Athens
Σκουφά 46 & Ομήρου, Κολωνάκι, Αθήνα
Tel. 210 3623541

After the meal we stopped at this fresh juice stand called Loving Family, being attracted by a fresh pomegranate juice for 1.20 Euro.

In the end it did not look that cheap as the plastic cup was quite small. But fresh juice bar is not a bad idea especially in hot summer season.

Loving Family
Sina 7 & Solonos, Kolonaki, Athens
Σίνα 7 & Σολωνός, Κολωνάκι, Αθήνα

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