26 April, 2014

Karavidas @ Porto Rafti

One Sunday in March, we went to Porto Rafti, because it was very fine and we would have felt wasted, if we had not gone anywhere.

It was the first time for us to be in Porto Rafti, so we went to explore different parts without knowing what exactly to expect. We saw some nice seaside walks, but did not find anything exciting.

We just walked around and then settled for a lunch. As the day was fine, many of the restaurants were really full. And just outside Porto Rafti we found this seafood taverna which had some empty tables. I checked reviews on web and we decided to go in.

In comparison to seafood tavernas in Piraiki where we live, the price seemed to be high. So we settled on one of these economical mfixed menus, which probably was a bad decision. The prices below are for 2 people, so they are good deals. We ordered Menu No. 4.

The restaurant is by the sea, but behind a road. It does have a view to the sea. Many tables were occupied by large-ish groups and most seemed to be families and relatives. From the way they and the staff behaved, I guessed that they were regulars.

Then food. The seasonal salad turned out to be boiled green. I do not complain, because I love horta.

Fried aubergines. The skin was quite tough and not pleasant.

Kavrosalata (crab salad) was a mixture of low quality surimi (of course I did not expect any crab meat, but they could have used better quality surimi), cucumber and mayonnaise. If they they serve this for economical menus, I should not be complaining, but I suspect they sell the same thing for full price.

Then there was long waiting time and finally GH stopped a waiter and asked what happened to our main dishes. The waiter went to kitchen to check and it turned out that they forgot about it. In consequence, we waited about 45 minutes for these garidomakaronada (prawn spaghetti). We were not seated in a hidden corner and the waiters were kept on passing next to us; it is unacceptable that they did not notice until told.

The spaghetti was in a big portion (one dish each), but was over-boiled and the prawns were tasteless. I did not care even to finish the dish.

The bill came to 31.50 Euro in the end because of bread, water and bottle of beer. Rather disappointing meat to say the least.

Karavidas - Καραβίδας
The receipt says it is on Agia Marina Street, but the actual location is on Avrakiou Road just leaving Port Rafti behind.
Tel. (+30) 2299073809

And a hilarious shot of a swan attacking children on the beach near the restaurant.

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