13 April, 2014

Elladikon @ Piraeus

A Saturday afternoon, we went to the centre of Piraeus to pay a bill. Afterwards we decided to have a light lunch instead of usual coffee.

This is a relatively new grill restaurant just behind Kanari Square (if the name does not ring a bell, it is the square with a clock tower in Pasalimani area, near a big Carrefour Marinopoulos Supermarket). It does souvlaki, but it is in a slightly higher rank than "souvlatzidiko". It has a nice, modern outlook which is in fashion in the recent some years.

The menu is long, but it is less because of the variety but of differentiation, as in other grill places. For example, a kebab can be served as a simple kebab, kebab in pita, as "portion - merida", or with yogurt. There are all the major players except for gyros. Yes. There is no gyros or donner.

There are also some starters and salads. If I understood well, they do not have tzatziki, which is a bit odd.

We ordered a baked potato with yogurt and taboule salad. Both fine, if not exceptional. I advise you to order starters here, because it takes some time for the main dishes to arrive.

Why? It seems they grill meat on order. In souvlatzidika, they often have meat half or fully cooked to be able to serve the clientele quickly. Souvlaki is a fast food and, especially when you take it away or are waiting for delivery, serving it quickly is important service.

Anyway, here is a portion (merida) of pork souvlaki. There are all the usual components, except for tzatziki. The white sauce in the down left corner is yogurt without any addition.

The meat was juicy and abundant. It was under-salted and I needed to add some salt at the table. This is unusual, too. If you are looking for a junk food, it might be a negative element, but it is positive if you care about your health. And I have to mention that the potatoes were fresh (i.e. not frozen potatoes).

With a glass of beer, the bill came to 18.20 Euro, which is reasonable.

And we were offered a free dessert. This is another element that distinguishes this place from usual souvlaki shops. In souvlaki places, you do not usually get free dessert. 

We would be happy to return to try other dishes.

Elladikon - Ελλαδικόν
Sotiros Dios 50, Pasalimani, Piraeus, Greece
Σωτήρος Διός 50, Πασαλιμάνι, Πειραιάς
Tel. (+30) 210 4177012

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