06 January, 2014

Papanikolis @ Passalimani, Piraeus

In a weekday evening of December, we visited a relatively new mezedopoleio in Freattyda area of Piraeus. If you have ever visited the Maritime Museum or Flocafe of Marina Zeas, probably you have seen a part of submarine Papanikolis (Mr. Papanikolis himself was one of the heros of Greek War of Independence). The mezedopoleio is in the same area, but it is on the Akti Themistokleous Street and not on the marina.

As it was a weekday and it was a bit early (around 7:30), there was no other people eating but us. There was one or two elder men who came for a drink, who were like visiting their friends' kafeneio.

The place was decorated for Christmas. They were accepting booking for Christmas and New Year's Eve menu, which was rather surprising for this sort of place.

The menu is enough long for such a small mezedopoleio. We were not very hungry and picked up only a few dishes.

Here is tyrokafteri. It was all right. 3 Euro.

Lachanodormades (6 Euro) were not bad, but they got cold very quickly partly because the room was not well-heated and partly because they were reheated in microwave (hot spots were not homogeneous).

Fried potatoes might look burnt (and were a bit burnt), but tasty nevertheless. 3.50 Euro.

And a pork tigania, which was totally wrong. Tigania is supposed to be quickly cooked in frying-pan (tigani), but this was stewed. I would name this pork and onion in terracotta (se pilino). 6 Euro.

Melomakarona and kourabiedes were on the house.

Apart from the dishes above, we had 500 ml of wine and bread, and the bill came to 23 Euro.

The food in general was disappointing, because it was badly reheated (except for the tyrokafteri and potatoes, of course). I suspect that either they do not have a proper kitchen, or they do not have enough cooking staff who can cook while the guests were there.

They have live music toward the weekend. As the price is kept low, it would be nice to visit then and have wine and mezedes, but just for food, I would not return.

The owners, who served us food, were very nice and kind, by the way.

Papanikolis - Παπανικολής
Akti Themistokleous 6, Piraeus
Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 6, Πιραίας
Tel. 210 4181580

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