11 May, 2013

Lagoudera @ Perama

It is not far from Piraeus where we live, but I have never been to Perama, because for some reason, GH has an idea that it is a place not worth visiting.

There is no place not-worth visiting, of course, and I persuaded him to drive there in a Sunday afternoon.

The bait was a fish taverna called Lagoudera, of which I have read good reviews.

There is nothing particular about the outlook of the place. Rather shabby construction, no view to the sea (though ships are in sight) and crowded tables, except that there were lots lots of people. It was striking because the taverna next door called Perasma was almost empty.

The menu is quite long, many fish and seafood. There were some intriguing stuff like kokoretsi thalassinon or stuffed sardines.

BUT GH orders tzatziki as always.

Very dense yogurt. Quite good, but nothing particular.

Here is horta, beautifully served with red cherry tomato. Nice.

I wanted to order cabbage rolls with salted cod, but they did not have it and ended up in ordering normal dolmadakia. Again good, but nothing impressive. What impressed us was the yogurt like sauce. We thought it should be tzatziki, but it turned out to be something sweet. Interesting.

The main dish was garides saganaki.

We had expected a larger dish considering the price tag of 11 Euro. There were not many prawns either and their size was medium. It was, however, very filling due to the large quantity of yellow cheese used as crust. I have never seen such a prawn saganaki before. The tomato & red pepper sauce in which cooked the prawns were quite delicious.

The fried potatoes arrived when we finished half of the saganaki. The waiter excused saying that there were so many orders and the kitchen could not keep up with frying fresh potatoes. The point taken, but still it is not pleasant to eat fried potatoes at the end.

The dessert was on the house. Layers of Marie type biscuit, Giotis cream and jello.

With a bottle of beer, the bill came to 31.50 which was average. Anyway, the food was in general good and I would love to go back, hopefully with more people.

If you go there in Sunday afternoon, you'd better book a table in advance. It attracts much people and there is no ready alternative nearby.

Lagoudera - Λαγουδέρα
Leoforos Dimokratias 33, Perama
Λεωφόρος Δημοκρατίας 33, Πέραμα
Tel. 210 4414154

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