14 May, 2013

To Elliniko Mezedopoleio @ Glyfada

On 7th May (replacement holiday of 1st May), we found ourselves in Glyfada to receive some sunshine. After a coffee at Casual in Asteras, we looked for somewhere to eat.

First we wanted to go to To Sardelaki, but we found it closed. Maybe because they worked too much during the Holy week.

We decided to enter this place, because there was a lot of people. It is a mezedopoleio with fashionable "bahariko-pantopleio" style decoration.

The menu is very long, with lots and lots of mezedes. Some of the choices sounded interesting and it took a while for us to choose.

They charge 1.40 Euro p.p. for bread, but it came with two small mezedes, one beans the other potato salad. Edible, but not particularly good.

This is bougiourdi with kavourmas 5.80 Euro.

Loads of cheese and quite rich.

Salad "Grandfather's garden (kipos tou pappou)", 7.50 Euro.

It included various rather unfamiliar green leaves like young cresson. Not bad as a concept, but was somehow ruined by too-much dressing. Probably not worth 7.50 Euro.

Chips were supposed to be fresh, but they did not taste like it. 3.50 Euro.

Honeyed pork fillets (7.50 Euro) were the worst of all the dishes.

It was because 1) pork fillets were over-cooked and very dry and tough, 2) the "honey" sauce was burnt and bitter.

The free dessert (free-style baklavades), instead, was the best thing I ate at this restaurant.

With a bottle of beer, the total bill came to 29.80 Euro.

In many elements, this place reminded me of GouGou Meze in central Athens, but the food was not as good. Different from GouGou Meze, To Elliniko gave us the fiscal receipt without any prompt, but it wasn't much of a consolation to me.

Mezedopoleio to Elliniko
Lazaraki 28, Glyfada, 166 74
Tel. 210 8941471

Μεζεδοπωλείο Το Ελληνικό
Λαζαράκη 28, Γλυφάδα, 166 74

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