09 April, 2013

The Burger Joint @ Glyfada

After a Sunday stroll in Glyfada, we decided to eat a burger. As Burger Times was a huge disappointment, we headed this time for The Burger Joint.

The place is hidden away in a stoa (gallery) and we almost entered a souvlaki restaurant next door. This photo was taken from one of the outdoor tables of The Burger Joint and the part that had a lot of people is this souvlaki place of which name I do not remember at this moment.

The Burger Joint is at the end of this corridor, on the right side. We stayed outside, but there are also tables inside.

They have burgers and pizzas. I heard that also the pizzas were good, but we ordered burgers only this time.

On the table, there are ketchup, mustard, pepper and salt. Tub water was provided without any request.

I wanted to order a sort of steak sandwich, but they did not have it at that moment, so here is a cheese burger for me.

I was very impressed by the perfection in its genre. Maybe because I am not a huge fan of burger, I won't expect any better from a cheese burger. So it was perfect.

The waitress did not ask us how we liked the meat done and it came somewhere between well-done and medium, which was nice.

GH, who eats much more burgers than I do, ordered Umami burger, which is with goat cheese cream, mushroom and caramerized onion.

It was a very nice combination. If you have already gone through all the burgers and want to try something different, it is a good choice.

Only unfortunate thing was that neither of us liked the slim chips. They soaked up too much oil and we got bored of them easily.

With a bottle of coke, the total bill was 18 Euro (cheese burger was 7.50 Euro and Umami was 9 Euro). Expensive? Well it depends on how much you love burgers, I guess.

The Burger Joint
Fivis 17, Glyfada 16674
Φοίβης 17, Γλυφάδα, 16674
Tel. 210 8940260

We found that Paul (famous French, now international, bakery) is about to open nearby. Paul currently has at least another shop near Syntagma.

Walking toward our car, I saw this cat with Hitler mustache.

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