16 April, 2013

Peinirli of Drosia @ Themis

For some years, I have been hearing about that Peinirli in Drosia. I have been always curious about it, but I did not have a chance to try, until the other Sunday.

We made up our mind and, after some reading on the www, I made a reservation at this restaurant.

Themis. I found at least 3 Peinirli places in Drosia and this one seemed to have the best reviews. It has a private parking, which is convenient, but there is plenty of space to park outside as well.

The building is rustic and warm; I liked it. The most of the patrons looked are families and looked to be familiar to the place.

The taverna has grilled meat dishes as well as peinirli, but, as you can imagine, 4 out of 5 people were eating Peinirli.

The price in general is expensive. Tzatziki is 4 Euro, Melitzanosalata 5 Euro and Peinirli are around 9 Euros. And portion size is just average.

Instead of bread, we were served with these pita bread.

I found it too tough to chew.

We ordered also cabbage salad (which was a mixed salad), melitzanosalata, and fried potatoes. The red wine was awful.

Here is Peinirli with minced meat and egg.

And Peinirli with pastourmas and egg.

On the menu, they were both 9, but for one of them, we were charged 9.20. I do not like when restaurants do this. Charging a price different from the one on the menu should is a fraud!

The taste wasn't bad, but, again, I found the dough to be too tough to enjoy.

We shared the table in 4, and the total bill was 58.40 Euro, including the obligatory order of bottled water, which you could have avoided paying, if you were a regular.

The other members of our group liked the peinirli more than I did, but, anyway, I don't think it is worth a trip from Piraeus (if you live closer, you can go and try to see if you like it).

I would rather go to Ionias in Ampelokipoi for a better peinirli.

Ikostis Pemptis Martiou 25, Drosia, Athens
25ης Μαρτίου 25, Δροσιά, Αθήνα
Tel. 2106229409


Kimon Triadafillou said...

This blog that you have created is amazing, I really enjoy your love towards Greece! Please continue making this blog.
Thank you

mesogeia said...

Thank you, Kimon, for kind words.
Anyway, I am sorry that I could not find good Peinirli in Drosia. :)

Doronette NF said...

What a fantastic place ! I've just found your lovely blog and I'm impressed! Thank you for sharing these all information and wonderful pictures. Food looks so delicious.

Hope you can visit my blog and maybe follow back if you like :D